Based in Basel, Switzerland, Yohann is a brand of Sillber AG, a small design studio passionate about sustainably designing and crafting aesthetic accessories for Apple products.


Our Story


In 2010, architect and designer Berend Frenzel became an early adopter of the iPad, like many Apple enthusiasts. However, he missed a comfortable support when using the iPad and started looking for a functional stand that would not only enhance the iPad’s usability but serve to showcase its minimal design. Conscious about environmental sustainability and Italian high quality craftsmanship, he developed an iPad stand from wood in his studio. To share his passion with the world, Berend turned to crowdfunding on Kickstarter and thus was born Yohann in 2014.

Over the years, Berend and his team continue to create simple, functional, minimally-designed accessories that enhance usability of your Apple products. But one thing remains the same: every Yohann piece is still hand-crafted using the finest materials, every Yohann piece is still unique with its own wood grain pattern.

Our Ethos


At Yohann, one core value, above all else, drives our decisions: Is It Made The Right Way? Every piece we craft and ship out with the Yohann stamp of approval must embody 4 main elements:

  1. 1. Clean Design: Is the design reduced to minimum, simple to use and versatile in function?
  2. 2. Sustainable Materials: Does the production maximize utilization of quality natural materials, the use of which does not harm our environment?
  3. 3. World-class Craftsmanship: Is each piece hand-crafted with love, with unrivalled attention to detail?
  4. 4. Ethical Manufacturing: Are the skilled artisans and other individuals involved in making the product compensated fairly for their efforts.


In a world where most things are mass-produced without much regard for our planet or people making them, we believe that much of the pleasure of owning and using a Yohann in your daily-life comes from knowing that it’s Made The Right Way.


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