Frequently Asked Questions

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Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Products shipped to Switzerland and Liechtenstein are shipped directly from our Swiss warehouse. Prices include Swiss VAT. No additional costs will arise.

Other countries outside the EU

If you have your product shipped to any other country outside the European Union, you don’t pay any EU taxes. The price you see and pay includes 0% taxes.

Depending on your country, taxes or duties may apply at import. If so, these taxes mostly correspond to the VAT of your country or state.


Deliveries to the US below the value of USD 800 do not trigger any import duties and taxes. Please visit for info on importing to the USA.
If you plan to order multiple items with a value exceeding USD 800, please consider placing multiple orders.

Other countries

Please check the individual tax rules of your country for tax and duty allowance at import. If you plan to order multiple items with a value exceeding your country’s tax allowance, please consider placing multiple orders.

You can get an estimate of taxes or duties at by using the HS Code 8473.30.000.

If you are not happy with your purchase you always have the possibility to revoke your purchase within 14 days after reception. For returns, please contact us within 14 days of receiving the product. 

We then will come back with a confirmation email and detailed instructions.

Products shipped to Switzerland and Liechtenstein need to be shipped to our Swiss warehouse. Products shipped to any other country need to be shipped back to our German warehouse.

As soon as we receive your product back to our warehouse in good condition, we will process your refund. 
For more information visit the Revocation page.

MacBook Stand

Depending on your MacBook model, the top of your screen will be positioned approximately at the following heights above the desktop:

MacBook / 2015 and later: h = 33 cm / 13 inch
MacBook Air: h = 33 cm / 13 inch
MacBook Pro 13-inch / 2012 and later: h = 38 cm / 15 inch
MacBook Pro 14-inch / 2021: h = 39 cm / 15 inch
MacBook Pro 15-inch / 2012 and later: h = 43 cm / 17 inch
MacBook Pro 16-inch / 2019: h = 43 cm / 17 inch
MacBook Pro 16-inch / 2021: h = 44 cm / 17 inch

Yohann MacBook Pro and MacBook stand is a carefully crafted little piece of furniture for your Apple laptop. If you work long hours on your MacBook and appreciate distinctive design and a clean workspace, it will definitely be a good choice for both your health and your eyes.

The Yohann stand is specially designed to support your MacBook sturdily and securely. You could even type on the keyboard and use the trackpad. However, the MacBook Stand is primarily designed for use with a separate keyboard and mouse, to keep your back and neck in the ideal posture. The fusion of elegance and stability is a primary principle of our product design. The stand is optically reduced and slender and provides minimalist beauty and sturdiness at the same time.

The MacBook Stand Yohann allows you to position your screen at an ergonomically helpful height. This raised position of the screen helps you to have an upright sitting posture and to keep your head upright. 

iPhone Stand

All iPhone models with MagSafe (iPhone 12 and later) can also be used in combination with the original iPhone Cases or third-party cases with MagSafe.
Important: Third-party cases without MagSafe reduce the magnetic force and inhibit a stable hold, therefore they do not work.

iPad Stand

Yohann iPad stands are made for uncovered iPads only and do not work with any fixed protective case. There are two reasons for this.

  • Many cases on the market vary in thickness and shape, and it is impossible to make a Yohann iPad stand that fits all.
  • We think the iPad is a beauty in design and material itself and should not be covered by a cheap-looking protective case. We recommend a loose sleeve like the Apple Leather Sleeve to protect your iPad when traveling.

Yohann iPad stands are made for Apple iPads. They also work for tablets of other brands, if weight and weight are equivalent to a corresponding Apple iPad. There are too many different tablets on the market with different sizes, thicknesses and weights for us to test them.

You can find a detailed list of suitable iPad models on the product page on the right side under "Made for".

You can identify your own iPad model on the following page:

Headphone Stand

With a little practice, it is very easy to place the headphones on the stand with only one hand. How it behaves with other headphones depends on the shape and properties, which we cannot make any statements about.

iPhone & Apple Watch Charging Station

The iPhone will rest stably on the charging station. It is not designed for using the iPhone when resting on the charging station. 
Apple offered a charging station for many years that worked in the same way. Moreover, we have, of course, tested the usability and stability of this charging station extensively.

The iPhone Charging Station is designed to fit all iPhone cases up to 2mm thickness.