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This headphone stand is made for the AirPods Max. It also works fine for any other headphone of a similar design. Check the dimensions below.


LWH: 70 x 160 x 265 mm

Weight: approx. 280 g

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This wooden headphone stand is designed to support your Apple Airpods Max or other headphones of any other brand. It is made from a beautiful single piece of massive wood.

● Designed with love in Switzerland

● Crafted with passion in Italy

Store your headphones in a safe way. Beautifully.

A single piece of wood

The headphone stand is crafted with love from a single piece of quality wood.

Reduced to the essential

Sustainably made from high-quality wood in Italy

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Headphone Stand



Since we use and love the Apple AirPods Max ourselves, the problem of storage has become evident to us. The aluminum surface of the AirPods Max is delicate. Placing them on a desktop surface quickly leads to scratches. Therefore, the need for a convenient stand became clear to us.

The AirPods Max are not used most of the time. These beautiful design products deserve decent and beautiful storage.


Yohann Headphone Stands are sustainably crafted in Italy from beautiful quality wood types. The production is a combination of precision milling and manual sanding and finishing.


The stand is designed to provide your headphones with an appropriate place to store while simultaneously showcasing their unique design in the best possible way. The abstract shape of solid wood gains lightness and grace from the concave surfaces. It elegantly restrains itself visually and leaves the stage to your headphones.

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