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iPhone Charging Stand

crafted in Germany

iPhone Charging Stand


    product number YP1WA

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    Beautifully display your iPhone while it’s charging, and keep your cables neatly organized, secure, and out of sight.



    While wireless charging technology has come a long way, it’s still not as fast as simple wired charging. And besides not all iPhones are equipped with wireless charging hardware. So we created a solution that removes the issue of tangled, messy cables, and seeks to hide them from sight altogether.

    But we wanted a platform to display our iPhones while charging them overnight, that still made them easy to use and kept the full screen in view. And as it was designed for a desk or a nightstand, it needed to be able to store small valuables, like your AirPods, jewellery, or keys.

    So our iPhone charging stand was born.


    The Yohann iPhone charging stand showcases the sleek, beautiful design of your iPhone, while still letting you use it while it charges.


    Our iPhone charging stand sits neatly on your nightstand or desk, reduced so that it serves its function perfectly, but with a timeless, elegant look


    Your iPhone sits upright, so it’s perfectly displayed for viewing and use.


    Your cables stay neat and tidy underneath your iPhone charging stand, hidden out of sight, and secured so they don’t fall when you pick up your iPhone.


    Our iPhone charging stand was crafted with a convenient plate at its base, providing you with a space to store your small valuables.


    Our stand lets you conveniently charge and store your AirPods, once you’ve finished charging your iPhone.


    Our design thoughts

    The best display for your iPhone

    Even when you charge your iPhone you still want it to work. We designed our iPhone charger with this in mind. Positioned upright, with nothing obstructing the screen, you get the best visibility possible, with the stability you’ve come to expect from Yohann products.

    Integrated cables to improve the look

    We had the idea to create a duct on the base of the iPhone charging stand that allows you to neatly place your cables inside, integrating them into the body of the product, and hiding them from view. Your iPhone fits firmly on top, connecting to your charger, which is held securely in place. No mess, no tangles.

    Useful storage tray

    We added the additional tray at the base of the iPhone charging stand so can store those small valuables than can so often go astray. Rings, coins, keys—keep them all safe and secure overnight.

    What we believe in

    Our products are crafted with four principles that we care deeply about.



    A holistic, reduced design that combines exceptional functionality with simplicity.

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    Crafted with high-quality materials that suit the aesthetics and haptics, while minimising our environmental impact.

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    The enduring combination of local traditional craftsmanship and modern precision technology.

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    A sustainable process from start to finish. From sourcing the materials and production, to ethical working conditions, social engagement, and transport, until the product reaches the hands of the customer.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Is the iPhone stable when docked on the charging stand?

    Apple offers its own dock that works the same way. Additionally, we extensively tested the functionality and stability of this product

    Will it work with my iPhone case?

    It is designed to fit all iPhone cases up to 2mm thickness.

    Is the iPhone stable when docked on the charging stand?

    Apple offers its own dock that works the same way. Additionally, we extensively tested the functionality and stability of this product.

    Which devices is Yohann iPhone charging stand made for?

    It is designed for the following products:

    iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR