Stand for MacBook Pro and MacBook


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It is designed for fit all post-2008 Unibody Aluminium MacBook models (MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro) with a screen size of 11 – 15 inches.

YOHANN stand for MacBook Pro helps you to lift up your laptop display in a minimalist but effective manner and promotes an upright seating posture to prevent health problems with your back and neck. It also ensures your laptop is well-ventilated and remains cool during extended use.

YOHANN stand for MacBook Pro is manufactured from a single block of hand selected and sustainably grown wood of highest quality. A combination of precision milling and extensive manual work is used to manufacture a product of exceptional quality. Due to the individual annual growth rings each piece is unique and very special.

OAK is a very robust and sturdy sustainably grown wood characterized by its strongly pronounced annual growth rings and its typical vascular rays, giving it an additional pattern and a distinctive appearance.

Neither MacBook Pro nor MacBook are part of this product.

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