Did you know that using a pen on paper as opposed to a keyboard can boost your memory and creativity? Makes you feel better about having countless notepads covered in doodles and designs.

Problem is, overflowing art supplies, notepads, and sketchbooks lying around add clutter to your already busy life- and clutter kills creativity.

Luckily, if you’re a doodlebug, you have the next best thing to a fully-stocked art studio with the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. Here’s a collection of easy-to-use drawing apps available for artists of all levels who have the urge to express themselves without the mess.




iPad Pro and Apple Pencil App – Tayasui The clutter-free, minimalist interface and variety of options are what make Tayasui Sketches a favorite drawing app among beginners. Users love Tayasui’s ultra-realistic pressure stylus support that adapts the angle and width of lines to every stroke of your Pencil. If you’re feeling the need to exhibit your work, you can share to the Sketches community or get a little inspiration from other members’ artwork.





2. Pigment


In case you haven’t heard, adult coloring books are totally a thing. They’re a wonderful way to unwind from a stressful day and focus on a quiet activity without having to bring a ton of concentration to it.

The Pigment app has over 1,000 beautiful illustrations for you to fill in, and you can use 11 kinds of coloring tools. It offers a remarkably realistic experience because the software responds to the pressure of your Pencil, darkening or thickening the lines as you press harder on them.

Pigment is available as a free app in the iTunes store, but you can add more features and coloring pages with a Premium Access subscription.






3. SketchBook Express


This is a simplified version of a favorite program among professional illustrators– Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. If you’re a beginning graphic artist, Sketchbook Express will give you a variety of tools without overwhelming you and you can work with up to three layers at a time– just right for sharpening your skills without being overly ambitious. Many pros swear by the intuitive user interface and recommend Sketchbook Express as an intro to the world of digital illustration software.




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4. Drawing Pad


Do you have a budding artist in the family? This simple app designed for kids, has an ample collection of drawing and painting tools, paper styles, and coloring pages to meet your kiddo’s need for self expression. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself doodling on Drawing Pad as well!





5. Inspire Pro


If painting is more your thing, Inspire Pro will have you channeling Van Gogh. With every color combination imaginable and 70 different paint brushes that mimic painting techniques (including dry brush for blending), your next masterpiece awaits. The user interface is super fast and sensitive to the slightest graze of your Apple Pencil on the surface, giving you the ability to make subtle brushstrokes or splatters of color.




Inspired to give one of these apps a try? All are available in the iTunes Store for download. If you’ve discovered a drawing or painting app for beginners that we’ve missed, please leave a comment!


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What is the best drawing app for kids?

The best iPad drawing app for kids depends on their age, preferences, and skill level. For younger kids, "Kids Doodle" stands out due to its user-friendly interface, vibrant colors, and interactive drawing tools. "Tayasui Sketches" is also an excellent option with a simple interface and a variety of brushes, colors, and stickers to engage young artists. "Drawing Pad" offers a wide range of artistic tools and features suitable for older kids and teenagers, providing more versatility for their creative expressions.


What is the best free iPad drawing app for beginners?

For beginners seeking a free option, "Adobe Illustrator Draw" stands out as the top choice. With its intuitive interface and a variety of essential drawing tools, it offers a smooth entry into digital art. Adobe Illustrator Draw also provides access to the Adobe Creative Cloud, enabling users to seamlessly transfer their projects to other Adobe applications for further refinement.


How to draw on iPad with Apple Pencil?

To draw on an iPad with an Apple Pencil, first, ensure your Apple Pencil is charged and paired with your iPad (for supported models). Then, open your preferred drawing app, such as "Procreate" or "Notability." Once inside the app, simply start drawing by touching the Apple Pencil to the iPad's screen. The Apple Pencil's pressure sensitivity allows for varying line thickness, while its tilt function can create shading effects.

May 22, 2023

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