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iPad Stand normal is made to work with all normal-sized iPad models released after 2012:

iPad - since 2017

  • 10th gen 2022
  • 9th gen 2021
  • 8th gen 2020
  • 7th gen 2019
  • 6th gen 2018
  • 5th gen 2017

iPad Air - since 2013

  • 5th gen 2022
  • 4th gen 2020
  • 3rd gen 2019
  • 2nd gen 2014
  • 1st gen 2013

iPad Pro - all normal-sized iPad Pros

  • 11.0-inch 2022
  • 11.0-inch 2021
  • 11.0-inch 2020
  • 11.0-inch 2018
  • 10.5-inch 2017
  • 9.7-inch 2014


iPad Stand mini is made to work with any iPad mini

  • iPad mini 6th gen 2021
  • iPad mini 5th gen 2019
  • iPad mini 4 2015
  • iPad mini 3 2014
  • iPad mini 2 2013
  • iPad mini 2012


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Dimensions: 180 x 130 x 60 mm

Weight: 190 g


Dimensions: 170 x 110 x 50 mm

Weight: 150 g

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Enjoy effortless iPad use. The wooden iPad stand brings together form and function for an enhanced iPad experience. Crafted from a single piece of beautiful wood, it combines high functionality, ease of use and a beautiful material, helping to enjoy your iPad in any situation at home or in the office.

● Designed with love in Switzerland

● Crafted with passion in Italy

Combining high functionality, ease of use, a reduced design, and quality materials

Outstanding Functionality

Position your iPad at three different angles. Use the iPad comfortably in both landscape and portrait view.

More Comfort and Versatility

The Yohann iPad stand is a diligent helper for a more comfortable and versatile use at home. It even supports your iPad on soft surfaces like a duvet or your lap. Enjoy the evening!

Sustainably made from high quality wood types in Italy

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Yohann iPad Stand



While the iPad’s minimal design is great for mobility, it can become difficult to use comfortably for long periods of time. So we designed this wooden iPad stand as a way to provide comfortable, easy support for iPad users, while at the same time creating something that adds aesthetic value to the home environment.


We aspired to create a product with a furniture-like feel that was at once both functional and elegant, capable of touching our emotions and inspiring us in its everyday use. Something that we loved having around our home or office. A product whose shape followed its function, reduced to the necessary, but also provided an attractive appearance when not in use.


To get support to begin production of our patented design—and to see if there were others out there who think like us—we launched the original wooden iPad stand with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Our hopes where exceeded: there was a yearning desire among people like us for products that they could connect with, and see the value in. Thanks to these like-minded souls, our Kickstarter achieved 275% funding of its initial goal and became the most successful of its category. Today, we take pride in knowing that the Yohann iPad stand is still the only stand on the market that comes with this level of functionality and aesthetics.


The Yohann wooden iPad stand does more than simply provide support. It enhances your general iPad experience.


The three angles are carefully considered to allow you to position your iPad in just the right way, for practically any situation.


You’re not bound to one orientation, either. Use all angles in both landscape and portrait view.


Cuddle up with your iPad in bed, or on the sofa. Enjoy a hands-free use on soft surfaces like your duvet or a soft pillow.


Use your iPad on the Yohann iPad stand even while charging.


Enjoy crystal clear sound thanks to its inbuilt speaker holes.


This iPad stand is a unique combination of high functionality, intuitive use and consistent reduction to the minimum needed.


Most iPad stands that provide multiple viewing angles require different moving parts in order to work. Parts that could wear, break, and make it complicated and bulky to use. We searched for a design that allowed for the easiest use possible with still the highest versatility. We reversed the approach of solving the problem of providing multiple angles. This iPad stand is made solely from one piece of wood, without moving parts. It’s designed to move with the iPad, supported by three different footprints.


The general shape and the position of the footprints follow the function and are derived from a structural calculation to provide the best functionality and highest stability. We extensively cycle-tested many different variations and prototypes to determine the ideal composition of angles for a more practical use and to arrive at a final design, a light, thin profile that’s optically reduced to the bare minimum.

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