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MacBook and MacBook Pro Stand

MacBook and MacBook Pro Stand


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    The Yohann MacBook stand beautifully elevates your laptop screen, providing you with a comfortable, ergonomic viewing experience for both a MacBook and MacBook Pro.


    Working long hours at a laptop can be tiring, creating a massive strain on your back and neck. You might have felt it already. This is due to the fact that when used on a desk, your laptop screen is positioned much too low, and goes against good ergonomic principles.

    Yohann Product MacBook Stand Healthy Back Illustration

    We created our MacBook stand to align with recommendations for best ergonomic use. Our stand enables you to position your MacBook screen level with your head, or slightly below, in an elegant way that doesn’t detract from your experience. This reduces the strain on your neck and back, providing you with a more comfortable experience throughout your day. This is a smarter, more functional way to use your MacBook, while still using a product that simply looks good.


    An elevated screen

    The Yohann MacBook stand elevates your screen by 15cm-22cm (depending on your model), allowing you to easily maintain an upright posture, with a more balanced positioning for your head and neck. It’s been designed and engineered to provide a stable support for MacBooks of all sizes. When you connect it to an external keyboard and mouse, you can create your own ergonomically-optimised workspace.

    Clamshell mode

    Our MacBook stand is designed to be used both in normal mode and clamshell mode, with nothing getting in the way of easily connecting a separate screen, enabling you to work more efficiently. Simply close the screen to put your MacBook into clamshell mode and use it with your external setup.

    Keep it tidy

    Our MacBook stand lets you keep your desk tidy and clutter-free, with its elegant design that makes your workspace feel just good. You can stow away your MacBook easily, by lowering the screen and putting it into sleep mode. Then when you’re ready to use it again, simply open the lid and start working straight away.


    Optimal cooling

    Elevating your MacBook helps you to keep it ventilated, which reduces its heat and keep it running its best. Whether it’s in normal display mode or clamshell use with an external display, your Yohann MacBook stand helps to promote airflow underneath your laptop.


    Our design thoughts

    Stability for larger devices

    Traditional laptop users tend to prefer the size and functionality of a laptop, as opposed to a tablet, so we created our MacBook and MacBook Pro stand with you in mind. The shape of this stand is the result of a careful structural calculation which provide the greatest level of stability with the best elevation for the screen. Forces acting on your MacBook are minimized thanks to its even distribution along the entire 16cm width of our stand.

    We also wanted to create something that was elegant and minimal, to suit the aesthetics of the MacBook family. So we crafted our MacBook and MacBook Pro stand in our classic Yohann one-piece design, optically reduced to maintain our signature light, thin appearance, while still providing the support a heavier MacBook Pro needs.

    A matter of cooling

    We created the Yohann MacBook stand to suit the two cooling mechanisms that the MacBook uses. The basic aluminium design of the Apple MacBook acts as a heat exchange between its surface and the environment, so we aimed to reduce the surface contact between your MacBook and its stand. The elevated positioning allows the cooling surface to freely radiate heat, with nothing stopping it. For its secondary cooling mechanism, your MacBook’s rear ventilation system remains unobstructed so it can work as efficiently as possible.


    What we believe in

    Our products are crafted with four principles that we care deeply about.



    A holistic, reduced design that combines exceptional functionality with simplicity.

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    Crafted with high-quality materials that suit the aesthetics and haptics, while minimising our environmental impact.

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    The enduring combination of local traditional craftsmanship and modern precision technology.

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    A sustainable process from start to finish. From sourcing the materials and production, to ethical working conditions, social engagement, and transport, until the product reaches the hands of the customer.

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    Frequently asked questions

    By how much does the stand lift the screen of Macbook / MacBook Pro from the surface of the desk?

    Depending on your MacBook model, our stand will lift it up between 15 – 22cms.

    Is the Yohann stand for Macbook the right choice for me?

    Yohann MacBook Pro and MacBook stand is a carefully crafted little piece of furniture for your Mac laptop. If you work long hours on your MacBook and appreciate distinctive design and a clean workspace, it will definitely be a good choice for both your health and your eyes.

    Is the Yohann MacBook Stand stable?

    Yohann stand is specially designed to support your MacBook sturdily and securely. You could even type on the keyboard and use the trackpad. However, our MacBook Stand is primarily designed for use with a separate keyboard and mouse, to keep your back and neck in the ideal posture. The fusion of elegance and stability is a primary principle of our product design. The stand is optically reduced and slender and provides minimalist beauty and sturdiness at the same time.

    For which MacBook / MacBook Pro models is your stand designed for?

    It is designed for fit all post-2008 Unibody Aluminium MacBook models (MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro) with a screen size of 11 – 15 inches.