At Yohann, sustainability is not an after-thought. It’s our main Raison D’Etre and guides every decision we take. It’s our firm belief that sustainable production should be integral part of good product design as it adds universally to the overall positive experience of using the product in your everyday life.

That’s why we choose to not cut corners when it comes to how we make Yohann products. Every Yohann product is individually handcrafted by skilled artisans, from the finest, sustainably sourced wood.

In essence, Made The Right Way.


Ethically Crafted in Italy and Germany


Yohann products starts their journey in a family-owned, traditional wood workshop in northern Italy that for generations has been making high-end designer furniture products. Only a unique combination of skilled manual craftsmanship and modern precision milling techniques ensures production with the highest accuracy and quality. Subsequently, they are hand-finished at a sheltered wood workshop in the Black Forest region of Germany. Each piece is painstakingly sanded on all surfaces to a smooth finish which is then protected with a fine coating of natural oil and wax to bring out its beautiful and unique wood grains.

Under the supervision of quality control personnel, the disabled people in sheltered workshop are also responsible for packaging, storage and shipping of our products globally. When you choose Yohann, you are helping to offer these people with physical or mental challenges an exciting job opportunity that provides them with satisfaction and self-esteem.

By opting to produce in Italy and Germany, we support small and medium-sized local partners and ensure traditional craftsmanship continues. The proximity to our production partners allows us to monitor the manufacturing quality and the working conditions of people involved. We can thus guarantee ethical production, with European-standard fair wages.

Wood That Is Good


We only use FSC-certified, finest quality Walnut and Oak wood types, that are sustainably sourced from selected European and North American plantations, not at risk of extinction.

The FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) is an international non-profit organisation. They certify that the timber is processed and produced in an environmentally, socially and economically appropriate and viable way. In many countries, timber production is highly unsustainable. As certain wood species are being wiped out, illegal logging flourishes. These logging practices damage remaining forest reserves, animal life and the environment in general.

By sourcing carefully and avoiding endangered wood species, we ensure not to further contribute to deforestation and loss of biodiversity.

Everyone who has seen it wants one starstarstarstarstar

I received my Yohann last week and you need to know just how much we love it!  The design is absolutely lovely and sturdy…. everyone who has seen it wants one! Congratulations on a wonderful design and I wish you many successes.

Terry Smucker – Virginia, USA
Yohann is a great product starstarstarstarstar

Have had mine about a week and love it. It’s always at the right angle whatever you are doing!!

Virginia Otis – Houtson, Texas, USA
Like a piece of art for my iPad. Love it! starstarstarstarstar

Like a piece of art for my iPad. Love it!

Contessa Grigia – San Francisco, USA