MacBook Stand Wood


This solid wood MacBook stand raises your laptop's screen to a comfortable working height, so you can maintain an upright sitting posture. The stand is made from natural oak and walnut wood, complementing perfectly your workspace.

● Allows for an upright sitting posture
Free up more space on your desk
● Designed in Switzerland
● Crafted in Italy and Germany 
● Free shipping

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Shipping on August 21st, 2023
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This MacBook Stand can be used with any current MacBook and the following previous models:

MacBook Pro

  • all 16-inch since 2019
  • all 15-inch since mid 2012
  • all 14-inch since 2021
  • all 13-inch since late 2012


  • all since early 2015

MacBook Air

  • all MacBook Air (including 15-inch 2023)


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LWH: 220 x 160 x 70 cm

Weight: approx. 250 g

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Raise your screen to allow for an upright sitting posture

A reduced design for an uncluttered desktop

Sustainably made from high quality wood types

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Working long hours at a laptop can be tiring, and create a serious strain on your back and neck. When used on a desk your laptop screen is usually positioned much too low. Your neck or back inevitably need to bend. The advantage of mobility of a laptop has its trade-off.

The Yohann MacBook stand follows general recommendations for ergonomic use. The stand enables you to position the top edge of your MacBook screen level with your eyes in an elegant way. It helps you to keep your head balanced on your spine and reduces the strain on your neck and back, allowing for a more comfortable experience throughout your day.

“Use a separate keyboard and mouse so the laptop can be put on a stand and the screen opened at eye level.”

British National Health Service


“In order to prevent premature fatigue and health damages the height of the display should be adjusted in a way that it’s top edge is positioned to eye level.” 

Humboldt University Berlin



The Yohann MacBook stand elevates your screen by 15 to 22 cm / 6 to 9 inches, depending on your MacBook model. By using a separate keyboard and mouse it allows you to easily maintain an upright and relaxed sitting posture, with a more balanced positioning for your head and neck.


It’s been designed and engineered to provide a stable support for MacBooks of different sizes. The footprint is dimensioned to ensure great stability, when used in open screen and in closed ‘clamshell’ mode alongside an external display. A smooth leather pad distributes the weight evenly along the entire width of 16 cm.


To put your MacBook to sleep, simply close the display. Although the MacBook will not close completely, it will enter sleep mode.


The space-saving MacBook stand lets you keep your desk tidy and clutter-free. Its light design makes your workspace feel just good. You can stow away your MacBook easily, by lowering the screen and putting it into sleep mode. Then when you’re ready to use it again, simply open the lid and start working straight away.


The elevated and free position of your MacBook helps to keep it ideally cooled. Get always the best performance, whether with opened or closed display.


The MacBook stand is designed to also be used in closed-display mode or closed-clamshell mode with a separate external display while keeping the MacBook closed. The ideal cooling conditions provided by Yohann MacBook stand are essential for a good performance when operating in this mode.


The Yohann MacBook stand is a resolute combination of high functionality with a reduced design.

The general shape reflects its three basic functions. It is streamlined to provide the ideal elevation of your screen while providing best stability and ventilation for your MacBook in a reduced and light way. This was achieved and optimized by a structural calculation and by optically reducing its body to the minimum needed. The monolithic design sustains high stability and rigidity and a clean sculptural appearance.
Forces on the MacBook are minimized due to the even distribution along the entire width of 16 cm.


The MacBook stand helps the two cooling mechanisms, that are used in a MacBook to work more effectively. The basic aluminium design of the Apple MacBook acts as a heat exchange between its surface and the environment, so we reduce the surface contact between your MacBook and its stand. The elevated positioning allows the MacBook surface to freely radiate and to get rid of excessive heat very efficiently. Its secondary cooling mechanism, the MacBook’s rear ventilation system remains unobstructed, so it can freely exhaust hot air with minimum effort.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Amazing Product

Love the quality of the product and how it holds my laptop at the right angle to view and properly cool!

Kathy B.
Beautiful and Practical

Since COVID, I have been looking for a way to have zoom meetings with my MacBook that is the right height.  This is it....  Not only is it a piece of art, beautiful in every way, when I use it to zoom, my head and background are the perfect height for the best possible picture.  When my husband saw how great it was, we ordered another.  Thank-you for such a wonderful item that I will cherish for years.  This will be at the top of our Christmas list for other family members.

I wish I had discovered it years earlier

I've had my MacBook Pro stand for over 6 months. I use it ever single day, at home and at the office. On the days, that I forget to put it into my backpack, I am very bummed.

Jack W. (United States)
Beautiful craftsmanship as well as nice grain in the walnut. 2nd purchase. So happy.

I purchased an iPad stand a couple years ago and just purchased a MacBook Pro Stand, both in walnut. They are works of art and so functional. Precision in the fit and function. Such beauty. Thank you!

YSA (Kuwait)

Perfect !

J-B (Switzerland)
Practical and elegant

This was well worth the money. The stand not only helps my posture by raising the laptop, but it's just gorgeous (and sturdy). Sitting on a walnut desk it blends in perfectly. I would highly reccomend!

Many thanks for your positive feedback. The stands look great on your walnut desktop.

Daniel M.

This MacBook stand is absolutely the best on the market. Esthetics and functionality can not be any better. I couldn't live without it. A Great Product!