Yohann is a family of selected products created by sillber, a design studio based in Basel, Switzerland. We share a passion for designing products that combine functionality with a reduced design, quality maaterials, and sustainability. Products that help to make the everyday exceptional.

Yohann was born in 2014 from the mind of Berend Frenzel. With his background as an architect and designer, Berend realized early on the benefits of using iPads for work and at home. But one important thing was lacking. They were great and easy to use, yes, but there was no functional, versatile and aesthetically valuable support available on the market. Nothing he would have liked to put on his desk. So Berend conceived Yohann, to enhance the usability of the iPad while showcasing its minimal design, thus creating an elegant, functional product that aroused emotion.

To share his passion with the world, to show evidence of the need for such a product, and to finance the first production, Berend turned to crowdfunding on Kickstarter for support. Its reduced, pure design and exceptional functionality spoke to people, and it became the most successful crowdfunding story in its category, bringing Yohann to life.

And the name? Yohann is a reference to the name of the neighbourhood where the product was born, St. Johann in Basel, and provides a direct link to its local roots. Also, especially for elder generations in Switzerland, the name Johann stands for a restrained and educated butler, always ready to help. This characteristic applies to Yohann products as well. They help to use Apple devices efficiently in daily life in a more comfortable and elegant way, always at the user’s service.

Crafting Yohann