Precision-carved from the finest locally-grown wood, and hand-finished with unrivalled attention to detail, every Yohann piece is a labour of love.

Yohann handmade wooden apple accessories 


Yohann products start their journey in one of two traditional family-run wood workshops in Northern Italy and Southern Germany. For generations, these workshops have been creating high-quality furniture that stands the test of time. They cultivate traditional skilled craftsmanship combined with modern precision milling techniques for highest accuracy and quality.



Every sold Yohann product helps to provide people with physical or mental challenges a responsible job that provides them satisfaction and pride:

All products are hand-finished and packaged at a sheltered wood workshop that provides fulfilling employment for people with disability in the Black Forest in Germany. They are carefully sanded to a smooth finish, then coated with fine layers of natural oil and wax in various cycles. This elaborate treatment protects the wood, brings out its beautiful and unique grains, and imparts a velvety and smooth touch to the product. At the same sheltered workshop all products are packaged and shipped out to their new homes. Products for Swiss customers are shipped from a sheltered workshop in Basel, Switzerland.

Crafting Yohan