Besides the technical characteristics that influence our decision on the materials we use, we believe in using traditional materials that have proven their qualities for human use over centuries. Timeless materials that stir emotions and build enduring memories.

Yohann massive wood


Natural wood provides an exciting contrast to the cool, clean materials such as the aluminium and glass found in Apple products. It comes with the ideal characteristics and personality to suit the requirements of all of our distinct pieces.


The porous and directional structure of wood gives it an impressive ratio of stiffness to weight. Using alternative materials, such as aluminium or plastic, would make our products significantly heavier and more flexible. As Yohann products perform a structural task, this material stiffness is an important factor in their design and stability.


Wood has the right hardness for our products. But while hard, it’s softer than metal and glass, so there’s no danger of scratching the items it’s designed to hold. This eliminates the need for additional rubber padding, keeping the design and aesthetics intact.


Our wooden products have a warm and smooth surface, that’s pleasant to the touch and begs to be picked up and held. We just love this.


As a naturally-grown material, wood gives each product its own unique tones, characteristics, and personality. No two pieces are alike.


The nature of wood allows us to create something truly exceptional. It’s ideal for crafting our single-piece products, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern precision technology.


By avoiding materials that require a high energy input and use non-renewable resources, like plastic and aluminium, and by using locally-grown wood, a carbon-neutral material that originates from sustainably-cultivated trees in central Europe, we reduce the impact of our product’s lifecycle on the environment.

Yohann Wood


Our initial research and experiments with wood helped us find two types that provided the ideal characteristics for our products.

Black Walnut (Juglans Nigra) is a noble and robust, sustainably-cultivated wood full of character with a broad dark-brown core and a lighter sapwood, often accentuated with cloudy patterns.

Oak (Quercus Robur) is a rich and sturdy, sustainably-grown wood that’s characterized by its strongly pronounced annual growth rings and its typical vascular rays, giving it a unique pattern and distinctive appearance.

Crafting Yohann