Tattoo-Artist Fred Giovannitti, a Las Vegas native has taken his art to a new level. He presents his customers with a preview photo of the tattooed body part. But how does he do it? You might think it requires a specialized tattoo app, but no, he just uses the drawing app ProCreate, his Apple Pencil and his iPad Pro. All Fred needs is a picture of the customer and he can get started on the personalized work of art. Customers are able to see the art on their own body and make an informed decision, whether the Tattoo reflects their personality and whether they want to bond with the image for a lifetime.

Gone are the times, when Fred sketched analog images and patterns on a piece of paper. His customers are even encouraged to watch the work on their tattoos in progress, thanks to the built-in time lapse feature of ProCreate. The preview picture is created during a personal conversation, where Fred listens intently to capture the mood and motivations of his customer as the defining characteristic of his illustration. If the customer is happy with the preview, it gets lined out on the skin and on it goes!

Giovannitti, uses ProCreate not only for his work as a tattoo artist, but also in his private life. He uses the app to reproduce his kids’ artwork with pencil and paper enhanced with Apple Pencil and iPad. These tender pictures are posted on Facebook and on his Instagram account.



If you do not have the opportunity to work with Fred Giovannitti himself, don’t despair – INKHUNTER is your solution! Choose one of the many available motives or add one of your personal sketches. Edit the sketches and adjust them to fit the desired body part. This tattoo app offers a variety of perspectives, so you can examine your body art, play with its positioning and prepare yourself to take the plunge with confidence.

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What apps do tattoo artists use on iPad?

Tattoo artists often use Procreate as one of the primary apps on iPad for designing tattoos. The app offers a wide range of artistic tools, brushes, and features that enable artists to create intricate tattoo designs with precision and flexibility. Additionally, they may use other apps like Adobe Illustrator Draw or Affinity Designer for vector-based elements and concept development.


How to use Procreate for tattoos?

To use Procreate for tattoos, open the app and create a new canvas with the desired dimensions. Utilize Procreate's selection of brushes and tools to sketch, outline, and refine your tattoo design. You can experiment with different layers to add depth and make adjustments easily. Additionally, you can use reference images or bring in their own custom brushes for unique textures. Once the design is complete, export the artwork in a high-resolution format for further use or printing.


How to draw tattoos on Procreate?

Drawing tattoos on Procreate involves several steps. First, choose a canvas size suitable for the tattoo design. Use the sketching tools and layers to create the outline and finer details of the tattoo. Utilize Procreate's brush library to add shading, textures, and intricate patterns to the design. You can also use the symmetry tools to ensure perfect balance in your designs. Once the artwork is complete, you can share it with your clients or print it for reference during the tattooing process.


What is the best iPad for tattoo artists?

The best iPad for tattoo artists is the iPad Pro. It offers superior processing power, which ensures smooth performance while working with complex tattoo designs in apps like Procreate. The larger screen options, provide ample space for detailed artwork, making it easier for tyou to create precise and intricate designs. Additionally, the compatibility with the Apple Pencil ensures a natural and responsive drawing experience, allowing you to work with precision and finesse. In addition, you can use one of our wooden iPad stands, or our wooden iPad stands with a holder for Apple Pencil to make your tattoo drawing experience even better.

July 18, 2023

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