Because we strongly believe that better products are possible. Without compromises, made the right way.

Sustainable Production

After the great support and feedback, we received with our crowdfunding on Kickstarter in 2014, we realized we could continue this venture, not just because it sells, but because we found that there were so many people out there like us. People who share the same values and desires about a different design.

The first year following the Kickstarter taught us a lot about the negative impacts that globalized production and indirect sales channels have on sustainability, quality, and design. This strengthened our belief in the necessity of managing the entire process ourselves wherever possible.

Thanks to this realization, we now keep the execution of our design as simple and as pure as possible. We control the sourcing of our materials, the sustainable manufacturing process, the craftsmanship, the logistics, and we sell directly to the actual users.

Because we care about every detail of our products, and want our users to receive a product that’s the best result possible. We put a lot of time and hard work into the design of the product and its production process, to ensure the right outcome in terms of detail, quality and sustainability.

It’s probably not the easiest way to bring a product to life, but it’s the right way. And our passion for doing this right is why we do this.



We choose to manage the production directly, together with local family businesses and sheltered workshops, and sell directly to our customers. Because it’s better this way.

By keeping complete control of our product, there’s no room for any shady practices to take place. There’s no opportunity for mysterious manufacturing processes in far-away countries to compromise quality or sustainability. No long distribution channels adding extra steps to bloat the profit margins and therefore consumer prices before the product reaches its new home.

The common route for a designer bringing a new product idea to market is to find an established brand to take over the manufacturing, marketing, and sales. But while they’ll receive part of the sales profit as royalties, they’ve lost control and autonomy over their design.

Losing control of their design allows their commercialization partner to cut corners, reduce production costs, and do everything they can to make the product optimized for profit. Efficiency is chosen over sustainability, mass suitability over uniqueness. Too often the original idea of the design – the soul of the product – gets lost.

So we do things differently. Our way ensures the principles we envisaged for our products get delivered without compromise. It ensures users receive our products exactly how it should be.

For us, the design doesn’t stop with a prototype. It’s a holistic process that only ends when a Yohann product arrives at user’s door. We chose to keep the soul in our products.

Sustainable Production


In a world where too many things are mass-produced, with little regard for our planet or the people making them, we believe that part of the pleasure of Yohann comes from knowing that it’s made the right way. Our products are crafted with principles that we care deeply about. To ensure we achieve our purpose, every piece we craft and ship out follows these our four key principles:


A holistic, reduced design that combines exceptional functionality with simplicity.

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Crafted with high-quality materials that suit the aesthetics and haptics, while minimising our environmental impact.

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The enduring combination of local traditional craftsmanship and modern precision technology.

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A sustainable process from start to finish. From sourcing the materials and production, to ethical working conditions, social engagement, and transport, until the product reaches the hands of the customer.

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Crafting Yohann