Questioning the norm, the expected, is what excites us. The expected is what we know from our experience with existing products. In our product category, most of the products are successful because of having followed the rules of mass market compatibility and cost optimization, ignoring the costs of sustainability.

Our design focuses on the product and its particular functionality, its user, and the emotions being provoked within the user. And, already in the design process, we take sustainability very seriously.

Yohann wooden design

Some general ideas have crystallised in our design thoughts at Yohann.


Lightness is what we search for in many different aspects. Yohann products are most intuitive in use and reduced to the minimum needed in terms of materials, parts and shape. We strictly avoid any ornamental elements, yet appreciate the accidental patterns coming from the material itself, the result of the intersection of natural wood grain and our product’s particular shapes.

Light in appearance and weight, this is the natural outcome of the combination of function, simplicity, efficiency, and the reduction to the essential.


We all love our Apple products because of their appearance. Yohann products try to showcase them in a modest and reserved way, underlining their plain figure and function.


Good products incite our spirits. We strive to craft products that arouse emotions, and elevate themselves from being simply accessories, to becoming an inspirational addition to the user’s life.


We are convinced that an integral and holistic design process is the right way for creating outstanding products. Products combining functionality with reduced design and ease of use, aesthetic and sustainable materials, real craftsmanship and an overall sustainable process from the sourcing of the materials to the production till the moment a customer holds his product in hand.

Crafting Yohann