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Amazing Product

Love the quality of the product and how it holds my laptop at the right angle to view and properly cool!

I wish I had discovered it years earlier

I've had my MacBook Pro stand for over 6 months. I use it ever single day, at home and at the office. On the days, that I forget to put it into my backpack, I am very bummed.

Beautiful and Practical

Since COVID, I have been looking for a way to have zoom meetings with my MacBook that is the right height.  This is it....  Not only is it a piece of art, beautiful in every way, when I use it to zoom, my head and background are the perfect height for the best possible picture.  When my husband saw how great it was, we ordered another.  Thank-you for such a wonderful item that I will cherish for years.  This will be at the top of our Christmas list for other family members.

MacBook Stand Wood
Jack W. (United States)
Beautiful craftsmanship as well as nice grain in the walnut. 2nd purchase. So happy.

I purchased an iPad stand a couple years ago and just purchased a MacBook Pro Stand, both in walnut. They are works of art and so functional. Precision in the fit and function. Such beauty. Thank you!

MacBook Stand Wood
YSA (Kuwait)

Perfect !

MacBook Stand Wood
J-B (Switzerland)
Practical and elegant

This was well worth the money. The stand not only helps my posture by raising the laptop, but it's just gorgeous (and sturdy). Sitting on a walnut desk it blends in perfectly. I would highly reccomend!

Many thanks for your positive feedback. The stands look great on your walnut desktop.

Headphone Stand Wood
Mohammed E. (United Arab Emirates)
Love it !!

Elegantly simple and very functional :) it completed my headphone setup .

Headphone Stand Wood
Jonathan S. (United States)
Beautiful piece of art

My stand came beautifully carved, looks great on the desk with or without headphones on it. I’m judging it at 5 stars for what it is, a wood sculpture that also functions as the best looking headphone stand out there.

There’s a little bit of form over function, because it is light, doesn’t have a big heavy base or rubberized feet so it’s not the most stable on the desk, but that’s not a fault it’s just the nature of what you get if you want what this stand is - a wood sculpture that’s as much art as headphone stand. Adding metal, rubber or silicone to this thing would have taken away from what it is. It’s still steady, no wobble, well balanced and won’t tip over with headphones on it, but it is light, will move when you take your headphones on and off, and will slide around the desk if you touch it. There are 20-30 dollar stands on Amazon you can buy if you want something with a big heavy base and rubberized feet. That’s not what you buy this stand for.

I’m thinking about buying a second for my other pair of headphones.


This MacBook stand is absolutely the best on the market. Esthetics and functionality can not be any better. I couldn't live without it. A Great Product!

Timeless design product

I gave the holder to my husband and we are both thrilled with this beautiful object on our shelf. A beautiful timeless design product.

Beyond Expectations

I waited months to write this review to make sure this stand was as exceptional as I believed out of the box. I knew it was gorgeous on a desk and would function well on a flat surface. But I am most impressed by how well this nestles into a chunky blanket on my lap. I viewed the social media posts claiming it could be used on a bed suspiciously. A 12.9” iPad Pro is so lanky and unwieldy. But to my surprise, this stand is stable on every surface I have tried, regardless of which screen orientation I use. I can read longer and have the freedom to hold a cup of tea without both hands on the iPad. I use my iPad so much more since I found this stand. It is genius. I love it.

Beautifully Designed

This product is amazing. I'm someone who cares very deeply about the products that I want around me and I try hard to buy things that are high quality, timeless, and beautiful. This stand is worth every penny.

Surprisingly Helpful

I ordered it because I was curious. The holder works surprisingly well and is very practical. I now actually use it every day. Expensive but also high quality in function and material.

Many thanks for your positive review.
A socially and environmentally responsible production has its price and cannot be compared with cheap products mass-produced in the Far East. We are grateful that many customers like you appreciate our philosophy about a holistic, sustainable process.

A beautiful gift

What a beautiful solid piece of walnut. I gave this to my husband as a gift and he absolutely loved it !. As soon as he opened it , out went the old dated heavy ,clunky one . Each piece that I have bought , I love .! We are only using Yohann products for all our electronics . The design and their craftsmanship make each piece really it’s own piece of art , Yohann has taken care of all our needs and stand behind their products ...

iPad Stand Wood
Marc R.O.

I purchased this iPad stand at a very early stage as an early adaptor and I am still very happy with it. Bought also one for my aged mother and she uses it all the time. Would buy it any time again.

Cascade of Compliments

This product is deftly designed and fantastically functional. I never use my iPad without this accessory. The stand does everything you'd hope; it has multi angles, easily switches between landscape and portrait, and it amplifies sound. Since I purchased my first one I have purchased several more for my business and my friends and family. I believe in the product and the company. Anytime I use it out in public I receive questions or compliments on it.

Simply the best!

This iPad Pro stand with the pencil holder is simply the most beautiful and the most functional stand you can have! I have it for two years now and it perfection still amaze me! The wood is strong enough to hold it tight and I really enjoy the three positions, specially the most elevate one I use for drawing! I’ve tried many stands over the years, and no one is as good, practical and elegant as the Yohann! Trying it is believing!

Love to use it in bed

I ordered this iPad stand 8 months ago and since then my life has changed. It surprisingly changes the way you can use your iPad at home in many different situations. I particularly love the use in bed, it perfectly supports the iPad on my duvet and I can use it handsfree. A really great and beautiful product.nnHowever, I was not happy about the delayed delivery. I ordered with free shipping and it took two weeks to arrive at our place in Chicago. Customer service was very nice and friendly but product was not trackable until it luckily arrived. Shipping with Fedex is probably the better option and worth the extra cost.


A beautiful product. I love the design and the craftsmanship. A beautiful sculpture, even without headphones.

Love it

I love this stand, because it helps me to have a nice routine of putting down my Apple Watch and iPhone every night and have them always charged in the mornings. The wood is lovely.

Crazy versatility

It will be better than you may imagine. It is 50% of the ipad's functionality in my usage.

iPhone Stand Wood
Very Elegant Stand

It's worth getting an iPhone to use this stand!

iPhone Stand Wood
Frank R. (United States)

Use it in the office. The design is unique and clean. I love the product overall. So simple yet so useful.

iPhone Stand Wood
David W. (United States)
Elegant and simple.

Elegant and simple. Better than expected and well made. Will be ordering a few for holiday gifts.

Headphone Stand Wood
William B. (United States)
The stand for the ages

The headphone stand produced by Johann is an elegant piece of art supplemented with utility. I love the presence of the stand without headphone attached but its design purpose is the hold headphones with easy access and it accomplishes that with aplomb.